Jewelry Trends You Forgotten are Back


The 3 jewelry trends that have made their way out of 90s and into the year 2019, and shown you ways to wear them everywhere from beach to city. Before you raid your childhood jewelry box, scroll ahead to learn about modern twist on each trend, how fashion girls are styling them, and our favorite versions for the summer.

Live MCX


Choker necklace one of india’s most trending necklace from 70s and the good thing is that this trend is returned again. Yes! if any of you think that the choker style necklace is outdated fashion, think again because it has made a major comeback.

Layered Necklaces

Our beloved Bollywood performers are also the source of fashion inspiration for us. With their sartorial picks, these actresses often introduce us to the new trends and newest styles. And, now they are bringing back the famous ’90s trend of layered necklaces.


The best jewellery for girls and girls’ best friend, that’s all.

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