The Success story of TRA (Totaram Shyamlal and Sons) | टी आर ए की सफलता की कहानी | AISB


“1902” Before India’s independence, it was difficult to do any business in this city at this time. Every trader was troubled by the atrocities and Taxes of the British. You can not imagine how difficult it is to do business at this time. Today, traders have the freedom to do all kinds of business.

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At that time neither the businessman had the freedom to do business and had no freedom to think. At this time too many valid traders were born in India, one of them was Mr Totaram Ji Who established Totaram Shyamlal and Sons in the year 1902, which is a bullion business.

With his honesty, diligence and passion, he gained fame in this business. Establishing a business using ancient resources is a sign of hard work. in this video, we will meet the successful business family of their successful business So let’s meet their successful business family – TRA Business Family.

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