You don’t need precious metal jewellery

You don’t need precious metal jewellery

A beautiful necklace that wraps around your neck, a shiny bracelet that cuffs your wrist, a diamond ring that slips onto your finger—jewellery is generally designed in round. And because of the value of raw materials it is made of, the jewellery industry is, at least to a certain extent, circular in sustainable sense. the use of humble, natural materials like stone, raffia, shell, and wood suggested that jewellery designers have taken all the earth-friendly talk in.

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Jewelry does not need to be made of expensive diamonds to be precious. We saw shell parures at the Prada, wooden brooches at Miu Miu, beautiful raffia necklaces, and so much more.

Wooden jewellery

Shell jewellery

Plastic jewellery

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