Why Buy A Diamond Ring Alternative?

Why Buy A Diamond Ring Alternative?

There are a numerous of reasons as to why an alternative for a traditional diamond ring is sought. One may be interested in bucking the trend and going for something unique that you don’t see many people wearing. You may be conscious of the many lives that are lost every year in the diamond mining and smuggling business. Alternatively, you may be considering a family tradition that boasts a non-diamond gemstone. Regardless of the reason, there are a mass of excellent options for different gemstones, many of which are rarer than diamonds.

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Diamonds did not always top the list for most desired engagement stone that is until De Beers cleverly created a multi-billion dollar niche for himself. In the early 1900’s De Beers ran large-scale effective marketing campaigns to change the insight of diamonds and build a story around their aura. He worked vigorously to create a story of love, romance, and everlasting commitment around the diamond. Controlling supply and now directing demand, he was able to build and controls a market unlike many other companies ever have.

De Beers marketed diamonds as a status symbol, one that would clearly display wealth.

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