Ways to Investing in physical Gold


Ways to Investing in physical Gold(jewellery vs bullion)Before start let us clear you that this topic is just about between gold jewellery and gold bullion so Gold is just money that has never failed in the 5,000-year history of its use by humans.

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So the first way to invest in gold is to buy gold in the form of jewellery you can buy the chain, necklace or a bracelet or maybe a ring and the second way is to buy it in the form of bullion , bullion means the gold which is not in the form of jewellery it can be a gold coin, gold bar or a gold brick one of the biggest demerit of purchasing gold in the form of jewellery is that the jeweller takes more 10 to 15% MONEY in the name of making an extra charges and when you will sell that jewellery in the market they will not pay you the right amount of that jewellery and they will take purchase discount on that too, is that not too unfair, Now, there is only enough investment-grade gold presented on Earth for every living person to have 1/3rd of an ounce.

So in our point of view it’s better to purchase bullion like gold coin and bars in know times there are many small sizes and weight bullion are available to invest it’s better to invest in bullion because you don’t have to pay any making charge at the time of purchase and don’t even have to pay any discount of purchase at the time of sell so bullion is best to invest n gold but if you wanna take it for wearing or gifting than the option of jewellery purchasing is good but as an investment purpose its not a good idea as you the richest people in the world are the investors so if you want to be a rich person too then you should also start investment and the best way to start investing is in gold because some people believe that gold never lose it price it always gain price with the time passes.5% to 10% of your over assets can be invested in gold.

If you invest extra in gold, remember in the long-term return on gold investment is less than 10% p.a. You need to invest in gold for long-term ( 5+yrs). It is better to reel your investments over a period of time to average out the rate of purchase.


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