Trending Jewelry Trends for this season


For the 1st time in a long time,  the return of jewelry that’s colorful and statement is seen on top for so long. Thanks to designers like Loewe and Chanel showcasing such risk-taking jewelry with a combination of necks cascading with pearls and chains—a peculiar charm bracelet and thick hoops suddenly seem approachable.

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Here’s the list of such of these trends introduced:

Heavy hoops: Hoops are one jewelry trend that will never go out of style, but every season, we see a few tweaks that make the earring style even more relevant than before. This season, the timeless style is taking on a bulkier shape, making it impossible to miss next to your stunning face.

Extraordinary Enamel: The colored enamel trend started picking up steam this fall, and luckily for us, the trend is sticking around for yet another season. What does this mean ? jewelry wardrobes will again continue to be chock-full of playful colors and unique silhouette.

LUCKY CHARMS: The nostalgic jewelry trend you loved as a child is officially back, and designers are jumping on the bandwagon faster than you can say Juicy Couture. This trend in particular is one you can make your own, as the options of charms are endless.

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