As you all know that the Christmas festival is nearby and the most popular in this festival is Christmas Tree. People buy Christmas trees and decorate them. But do you know that some Christmas trees are so expensive that you will be surprised when you know about them. In today’s article, we will know about 5 expensive Christmas trees.

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The Emirates Palace Hotel Decorated Christmas Tree:

In the year of 2010 Emirates Palace hotel, the luxury Abu Dhabi hotel, has shown what is thought to be one of the world’s most expensive Christmas tree in the world, that valued at more than $11m.

The 13-metre fake evergreen tree is was positioned in the hotel’s lobby, and is decorated with silver and gold bows, small white lights and ball-shaped ornaments. the main reason for the high value of the tree was due to the necklaces, earrings and other ornaments draped over its branches.

According to the owner of Style Gallery, Khalifa Khouri, which provided the jewellery, said that the tree held 181 diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, pearls and other precious stones.

Ginza Tanaka 2.4 Meter Disney Gold Christmas Tree:


On December 4, 2012, in Tokyo, Japan – Japan jeweller Ginza Tanaka, which focusses in gold accessories, showed their 2.4 meters high gold Christmas Tree in a teamwork with Walt Disney Japan in memorial of Walt Disney’s 110th anniversary.

The tree is made with 88 pounds of gold which contain 50 popular Disney characters. The selling price is 350 million Japanese yen which was equal to approximately 4.2 million US dollars at that time. The Christmas tree was displayed at the Ginza Tanaka store until December 25.

Hong Kong Swarovski Crystal Christmas Tree:

Christmas celebrations were in full swing at Hong Kong in 2013 at International Airport too as a 15-meter Christmas tree sparkles with millions of Swarovski crystals to welcome the festive season. Swarovski has teamed up with JCDecaux Transport to straight the tallest Christmas tree at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA).

The tree that would come up the airport grounds is no mean feat too, measuring a huge 50 feet high outfitted in 20 million Swarovski gold and silver crystals brought from Austria lining the edges. the estimated price for that tree was told approximately USD 1.8 million.

Takashimaya Department Store Preserved Rose Mini Christmas Tree:

Based on the design by Parisian flower boutique Claude Quinquaud, Takashimaya succeeded to shrink the Christmas tree to a mere 40-centimeter/16-inch height, gathered by a small tower of preserved roses watched over by a bear.

On the petals of each rose, however, are diamonds of Australian and African extraction. They lay on the petals like drops of dewdrops that fills another type of thirst, and for anyone accomplished of shelling out a full USD 1.8 million. The bear buddy is no less paltry: by itself is has a diamond pendant that sparkles with the stars above.

Ginza Tanaka Jewelry Shop – Tabletop Tree:

Ginza Tanaka Jewelry in Shinsaibashi, Osaka, Japan presented a beautiful slim tree that was ornamented with over 240 priceless gems.

That is a 24K gold made small tree laced with an array of pearls and diamonds weighing a total of 46 pounds. It stands as one of the most expensive decorated Christmas tree in the world. the approximate cost of this tree was told near to USD 1.8 million.

So these were the 5 most expensive Christmas trees in the world, hopefully, you would have liked the information given about them. Christmas celebration is near You are preparing too for the festive season. May the Christmas spirit bring to you peace and hope. we also wish you just good health and hope as we have a good time the birth of Jesus Christ. Merry Merry Christmas!





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