Top 3 Engagement Ring designs Trends for 2020


Emerald Cuts

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With the rise in the fancy shape of diamonds, emerald cuts have come into attention. With sharp rows of facets and a symmetrical shape, the Emerald cut is one of the most classy and beautiful silhouettes, and feels equal parts stylish and modern.


The stone is set horizontally rather than vertically on finger are a more modern way to embrace any cut, style, color or of ring. Conversely, bezel and engraved the settings lend a antique feel to any ring silhouette.

All About Color

Gemstones and the colored diamonds are rising in acceptance—and we are not just talking about the all-too-popular canary and the fancy yellow diamonds of past. Come 2020, expect more purples, blues, pinks, and even greens to make an appearance on the hands of chicest brides-to-be.

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