Three Must Have Jewellery Styles Inspired by Stars


Females and gold come a long way in the history. No matter what her occupation is, a woman is often attracted to good jewellery. Our bollywood stars are no different. They love to flaunt their jewelry when chance arises. Jewels are 1 thing that connects the bollywood stars with audience, because both loves to wear them. Here we have 3 Must Have Jewellery Styles Inspired by Stars.

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1. Jhumkas

This is smallest, yet most important piece of ethnic jewelry that you can buy. A jhumka can be of any the size. Small ones are favored for simple occasions while larger events like weddings call for huge sized jhumkas. If you are wearing a large jhumka with a saree, there is no need of the any other piece of jewelry.

2. Choker

Whether it’s a diamond choker or a kundan choker, industry experts trust wearing a choker for a summer wedding ceremony is a fail-proof pick. While the chokers have been around for several years, it’s a trend that has looked more recently in wedding wear,” “The modern-days woman is approaching her look as an entire, concentrating on how jewelry can balance the whole outfit,”.

3. Traditional jewelry

As a nation that has always loved attractiveness and all the things that come with it, the India has a vast history of jewellery. you have seen paintings of kings and queens wearing jewelley of various intricate designs all over their body. These attrative traditional designs are not lost till today. Even today women love to wear the traditional jewellery of their land.

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