Rules to Wear Men’s Jewellery


Keep It Simple

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When in uncertainty, keep it simple.  Start with a classic leather-strapped silver made watch; if you frequently wear a watch and can have enough money to buy it, consider a sportier diving watch with a stainless steel made band as well. The rule of kept it simple means do not over decorate your jewellery outfit.

Understand Jewelry’s Symbolism

Jewellery has meaning. You cannot get away from this.  Despite it taking up only a tiny % of your visual presentation, people zero in on jewellery thanks to its flash and uncommon usage by the men. a man has to be cautious when wearing jewellery pieces outside norm.  It is easy to appear flashy when you start including nondescript jewellery in your daily getup.  However, jewellery can add a helpful bit of color and uniqueness to outfit. Like the wedding ring has the meaning that person is marred like in the same way many jewellery have its own meaning.

Match Metals

Most men’s jewellery is metallic.  Gold and silver tones are the most common.  Your outfits should only feature one metal tone at the time.

Jewellery and Dress Codes

In the business world, company dress codes can severely restrict the male jewellery.  Often phrased in a politically correct tone such as, “Men should only wear tasteful pieces of jewellery,” you will find in practice that this means not rocking boat and conforming to status quo. So, if you are in the formal company don’t try to wear the hip hop jewellery.

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