Rajasthan sits over 11.48 crore tonnes of gold reserves, says, Scientists and geologists


Feb,12,2018 These deposits are expected to be present 300 feet below the earth’s surface, according to N Kutumba Rao, the Director General of the Geological Survey of India.

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According to experts Experts, the deposits are mostly located in the cities areas of Banswara and Udaipur. Nearly 11.48 crore tonnes of precious gold deposits have been confirmed by experts in Rajasthan.

According to Rao the effort for exploration of copper and valuable gold was going on after traces of these resources were found at these locations. The work is also going on at Neem Ka Thana area on Sikar district.

Copper and gold are just 2 of the materials found. lead and zinc deposits are aplenty as well. Scientists estimate about 350 million tonnes of the same in the Rajpura-Dariba mines, in Jaipur.

Investigate is also on in the town of Bhilwara to see if these precious minerals are present beneath the earth.

This is not the 1st  time the region has yielded essential minerals. Rajasthan has provided around 80 million tonnes of copper to date and the Thar Desert also gives 1.7 lakh barrels of crude oil on a daily basis.

If the discovery of 11.48 crore tonnes of gold deposits under the earth’s surface, will come true then Rajasthan and India will have a bright future.

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