Common Properties of Gold That Everyone Should Be Aware Of


Gold is one of the heaviest substances on the planet. No precious metal is as imaginary and beautiful as gold on earth. Gold is a metallic, soft, heavy, yellow metal.

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Gold is a chemical Element, atomic number is 79, the symbol is Au, a conversion metal group 11. It has an atomic number of 199.96 a. m. u. It is a malleable and ductile metal. It is used in money or in jewellery, it is often alloyed with silver or some other metal to make it solid.

Gold is one of the densest of all metals. Its unique qualities, gold has been the one material that is universally believed in exchange goods and services. Gold used as bullion in jewellery, electronics.

Gold is a fairly good conductor of both electricity and heat, but not as good as copper or silver. 24-carat is pure gold, but it is actually soft. 18- and 9-carat gold alloys are usually used because they are more durable. Most of the mined gold is stored as bullion.

Especially, those used with a computer and video equipment, are often plated with gold for corrosion resistance. It is also, however, used widely in Jewellery, either in its pure form or as an alloy. The term ‘carat’ indicates the amount of gold existing in an alloy.

Gold jewellery has been a mark of respect and a sign of one’s capability to afford the luxuries of life. Even today, people buying gold purely as an investment in the form of biscuits or wires.

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