Precious Metal Conference To Be Held In Dubai In April 2019


DUBAI:DMCC  has  announced the 8th edition of the annual Dubai Precious Metals Conference to be held on 10 – 11 April 2019 at Atlantis ,The palm dubai, UAE.

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IT is also announced that Mr. Ross norman will be the speaker of the  event.

Since Dubai is a city of gold it has transformed itself into an leading international gold trading centre in the world.DMCC has always associated itself in  promoting and developing the gold trade in Dubai, which has resulted in a crucial gateway between the producing countries, the major manufacturing centres and the largest consuming markets in the world.The conference shall commence with a  cocktail reception, followed by a power-packed programme of panel discussions and shall conclude with a Gala Dinner which is the perfect way to unwind and network with fellow delegates.

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