Platinum vs silver, How to spot difference?


To the untrained eye, some precious metal may be hard to identify, most people may have the insight of what actually the different metals looks like but, may find it hard to deeply identify the difference.

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Silver & platinum both share same colour but are hard to identify the benefit of having known the difference between them ensures that genuine product is purchased.

Whether purchases of either silver or platinum is made,  it is important  to have knowledge of their differences.

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In order to find the difference between silver & platinum it is important to know the features of both such as:

Silver – How do you know when you’re looking at real Silver? Silver is a common Precious Metal that can be found in the forms of bullion, jewelry, silverware and much more. Silver can be tarnished and have corrosion. It is also softer than Gold and other Precious Metals and is very malleable. It is not uncommon for new investors and Silver collectors to ask ‘how to tell if Silver is real’.

Platinum – Platinum is harder and very resistant to scratches and corrosion. American Platinum is rarer than Silver, so Platinum products will not be as abundant. Platinum’s melting point is also significantly higher than Silver, making it more durable. It is often found that Silver products do not have a Platinum counterpart.

The eye test may not be enough to determine the differences between Silver &  Platinum , but knowing the density and having a little basic knowledge of the 2 Precious Metals can help  better to identify each of these  metals.

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