Places to sell gold jewellery in india

Places to sell gold jewellery in india

At times, it is highly that you are not using your gold jewelry and are in need of cash. Sometimes, your gold jewelry is broken and you would like to sell same.

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At such times, it is advisable to sell your gold jewelry for cash and these days selling has become very professional. There are number of places, where you can sell yellow metal for cash in India.

Attica Gold Company

Attica Gold Company has a solid presence in the South of India, through hundred plus cities in five different states of India.

Procedure to sell gold through Attica Gold Company

It is important that to bring original bill of ornaments along with an ID proof and residence proof. The company then proceeds to check purity of yellow metal, and weight through a machine. What is most important in following process is that the company does not break the gold jewelry. The company notifies details through a complete print-put and if the customer is glad with valuation, he can proceed to sell the yellow metal for cash. Attica charges around 3% for its services.

D Gold

D gold is one more place, where you can vend gold for cash. Again, if you have broken pieces of jewelry or old jewelry to sell, it may not be a bad idea to do so. The process is not too dissimilar from that given above.

The one drawback of selling yellow metal for cash is that you have to visit the branch. This is because of an evaluation that needs to be done, particularly with regards to quality of metal. It is important to think of that when you sell the physical gold, capital gains tax would apply, so you need to understand taxation aspect after you have sold yellow metal for cash and show them in your tax returns accordingly.

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