Petrol might not be VAT free even after GST


Peoples are hoping for petrol and diesel to be covered by GST so that they will get a huge relief at the prices of petrol according to the information if the petrol and diesel will come under GST it will have 28 per cent GST plus some VAT (can be apply) according to the sates, before taking these 2 commodities in GST the central government should also have to leave the profit of approximately 20000 cr because there is no benefit of input tax credit on these commodities, no country apply only GST on these commodities similarly if these commodities will come under GST in india then GST plus VAT will be applied to these commodities, there are 4 tax slabs of GST first is 5 second is 12 and two other is 18 and 28 these commodities will come under the highest slab of 28 percent plus apply of VAT or any other TAX, there will be loss to both central and state government

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