If you live in India. You will surely be disturbed by the inflaming prices of petrol here. A few days ago, the price of petrol crossed Rs 90 in Mumbai. According to some market experts, this may be Rs 100 by this  Diwali in Mumbai, but there is still some place where petrol is still cheaper than your water bottle. Let’s know about 5 countries –

  • Venezuela
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A country whose economic situation is not good yet, the government has not yet increased the price of petrol. People in this country are not worried about fuel price. Buying fuel here is like buying water bottles. here petrol cost $0.01 per litre.

  • Iran


Iran is an Islamic country where production of crude oil is upright. India also imports crude oil from Iran. After Venezuela, Iran is the second country in the world where petrol is cheap. If you are in Iran then you just have to pay $0.30 a litre.

  • Sudan


After Venezuela, Sudan is also a country whose economic situation is not upright, but here too the government does increase the price of petrol maybe you will hear in 2019 that the price of petrol in Sudan has increased but now prices for petrol are just $0.34 per litre.

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  • Kuwait


Kuwait, an Arab country on the Persian (Arabian) Gulf, By 2020, the Oil subsidies will be closed here for improving the economic condition of this country. But nowhere is the fuel costs just $0.35 a litre which is still much better to other countries.

  • Algeria

Algeria is country situated in North Africa, officially the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, the country also wants to get rid of its oil subsidy completely till 2019 to boost their economic conditions but at this movement, the price for petrol here is just $0.36 per litre.

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