No relief on fuel hike!


Fuel prices in Delhi jumped to all-time highs on Thursday as the rates of the two fuels were up by another 3 paise and 11 paise per litre.

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The petrol rates in the national capital has touched Rs 81 per litre and diesel at Rs 73.08 per litre.

In financial capital Mumbai, petrol was high by 20 paise and diesel increased by 15 paise.

In Greater Mumbai, petrol is increased 15 paise at Rs 88.39 while diesel was sold at Rs 77.58, an increase of 11 paise from Tuesday. Fuel rates remained unchanged on Wednesday.

The government has been struggling to find ways to contain the ever-increasing rates of fuel in the country. The rupee free reduction also continues unabated.

The domestic currency dropping to a historic low of Rs 72.91 on Wednesday forcing the RBI to sell US $  in the market through sector banks to bring the Indian currency back from the brink.

The rupee recovered further from its previous level of Rs 72.18 to Rs 71.96 on Wednesday. The rupee has dropped over 13 per cent against the dollar since January.


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