Kolar Gold Fields Karnataka, India

Kolar Gold Fields is a mining area and taluk, in the Kolar  District of Karnataka state, India. Robertsonpet is the H.Q. of Kolar Gold Fields.
It includes the township of the same title, viz. Kolar  Gold  Fields where reside mostly the families of the employees of Bharat Gold Mines Limited (BGML) and BEML (formerly Bharat Earth Movers Limited).
Kolar Gold Fields is around 30 kilometres from Kolar and 100 km from Bangalore. To the east of KGF is an edge of hills of which Dod Betta Hill is 3195 feet overhead sea level.
The city was known for gold mining for over a century, which was finally closed in 2001 due to the low level of gold manufacture.
In July 2010, the Supreme Court accepted the central government’s plan to float global tenders to revive the gold mines, twelve years after they were closed down.
The court noted a 2006 cabinet result to invite bids to run the mines and to take suitable subsequent steps.
Within 2014 they have to re-open mining, with particular mining units. As of 2016, the global tenders have not hovered. Kolar Gold Fields (KGF) was one of the main gold mines in India and is situated in the Kolar district in Karnataka, near to the city of Bangalore.
It was shut in 2003 due to reducing deposits and increasing costs. The mine is considered the world’s 2nd deepest gold mine. It could be probable that the mines can be reopened by the Indian government.
Kolar Gold Fields was stated as “Small England” by the British, because of its more pleasing weather as well as a landscape much like Britain’s. KGF too had a large Anglo-Indian People who work at the number of mines in different designations.
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