Indian jeweller week is started in Zaveri Bazaar from 1st October and it will be continued till 7th day of the same month. stores are dawn the look of stalls during the festival. many jewellers from all over India are expected to visit.

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In this festival that is expected to see more than 12,000 visitors at more than 250 stalls at the existing stores in the market. this festival is organised at a very auspicious time just before Dusshera, this time is a golden period for buying of gold jewellery.

You can’t see a single vehicle and hawker during the days of this festival on that road because of the roads are kept vehicle- and hawker-free.

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Zaveri Bazaar is known for its gold jewellery that is a perfect place to organize such festival and the special thing about this festival is that is a first of its kind, such types of events can lift the industries.

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