As we all know India is a gold lover country, one of the best countries to invest in gold, we Indians are in the love with the precious metal gold from the ancient times and till now. Marriages in India are the biggest occasions in which the gold is used as the jewellery and many more occasions like Diwali and Dhanteras in which the yellow metal is used to gift or buy for the fortune. So we Indians are also interested in the investment of gold So Here are some ways of the modern times in which you can invest in gold.

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According to the experts, gold is one of the best ways to invest. in India, people trust gold more than any other form of investment Gold is the right product to permit your investments to beat inflation and stay ahead. according to the market experts, the fall in the gold price is only temporary and will be offset in the long run. so while investing the precious commodity all have some basic questions and the first one is –

Why Should You Invest in Gold

In anyone’s view return, safety and liquidity are three criteria to look for before taking chance any investment.

Gold investment is valuable since it is an inflation-beating investment. Over a period of time, the return on the precious gold investment is in line with the rate of inflation. the Gold has an opposite relationship to equity investments

so that is the basic answer that why you should choose gold for the investment now we will see some ways to invest in gold –

Gold ETF – Exchange Traded Funds backed by gold can be thought of as mutual funds that invest in gold, and their units are listed in the stock exchange. You need to buy ETFs from the stock exchange, for which you need to have a demat and trading account, and pay brokerage fee.

Physical gold – you can also buy or sell physical gold like gold bullion and gold coins buy the gold bullion for the investment never buy jewellery for investment because of jewellery consist of making charges at the time of purchase and discount at the time of sell.

Gold fund- as the name advises, invests in several forms of gold. It can be in the form of precious physical gold or stocks of gold mining companies. Gold funds which invest in the physical form of gold offer investors the convenience of buying real and pure gold at low cost.

Digital Gold – now some of the apps and sites are providing the facility to buy or sell gold like stocks online you can now buy gold digitally from many apps at very low cost and sell this at the time when you see gold rates to sell it.

Gold SIP- SIP is the best method to collect gold in a disciplined manner while not having to shed a lump sum amount to buy gold at once. The idea is to shell out some amount every month in a systematic way and get the bigger amount at the end of the tenure.

So these are some ways to invest in gold in the modern times there could be some more ways to invest in the precious metal every single individual should invest according to his portfolio and should have taken the advice of the finance expert. So that’s all for this, best of luck for your investment in gold.


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