How to Choose the Correct Diamonds?

How to Choose the Correct Diamonds?

If you want to spend less, get a smaller diamond. If you want it still to be impressive though, you must consider shopping for the best cut diamonds. This is because the best cut diamonds shine with fire (dispersion) and produces a sparkle that everyone covets in a diamond. As a result, you can get a smaller diamond that still is very impressive. (Cut is one of the 4 C’s.)

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Once you train your eye to find good cut diamonds you can set the diamond tool filters lower on some of the other C’s to save money. Cut really makes a big difference in appearance and can make up for other lower C’s gradings.

The best cut diamonds have an intrinsic and aesthetic value that carries very well worldwide. Furthermore, because the great shine and sparkle a well-cut diamond creates, it makes the diamond very prominent. Thus, there is a markup and collectible value. Leibish actually specializes in investment diamonds.

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