How to check if your gold jewelry is pure

How to check if your gold jewelry is pure

Many jewelers sell hallmarked jewelry. If you are holding a jewelry or planning to buy you can check beforehand if your jewelry is hallmark certified or not. Here is how.

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First you need to understand that purity of gold is measured in caratage. The yellow metal in purest form is of 24 ct, but it is not possible to make jewelry as 24 carat yellow metal is too soft. Typically, jewelry is made from a yellow metal whose purity ranges between 14K and 22K. Hallmarking of jewelry is done in 3 categories- 14k, 18k and 22K.

In percentage terms, 14 k would mean 58.5 % purity (denoted 585 ), 18 k would mean 75% purity (denoted 750) and 22 k would mean 91.6% (denoted 916) purity.

While buying a hallmarked jewelry, you need to look at four things– BIS logo (triangle), purity of gold (916 for 22ct gold), assaying or hallmarking center’s mark, and jeweler’s identification mark. This will usually be engraved in jewelry.

Hallmark is important to be assured of purity and it is likely to become mandatory once government comes up with a notification. So, make it a habit to look for the hallmark, after all you are buying some very expensive item that someday may become family heirloom.

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