The Indian jewellery manufacture industry is one of the main and most ancient industries in the world. From being famous for its imaginative, delicate artwork and precision of embellishments to providing the purest metals and gemstones across many areas, the Jewellery industry in India is constantly developing with the changing periods.

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Some of the famous types of jewellery contain temple jewellery, terracotta jewellery, rusty jewellery and gold jewellery. Jewellery design has thus been an observer to a rising growth and with the introduction of technology, jewellery designers are making more difficult and detailed pieces.

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In India, jewellery designing has been mainly a family tradition passed from generations. As the rising demand for unique jewellery in India.  the generous trend in this field has now increased impetus.

Now, the conventional methods of jewellery manufacture are taken done or developed by digital technology. The use of new technology in the jewellery manufacture industry is on a growth. Thus, giving jewellery designers the benefit to make attractive designs.

Read here’s how technology is redefining the jewellery manufacture in India:-

Computer-Aided Design:-

Computer Aided Design software generally is known as CAD is used to make 2D and 3D (two & three-D) precision drawings or jewellery illustrations. Newly this process of making has been accepted to build a virtual sample of any item and can be easily copied in the industrial process.  Customers can collaborate with jewellery designers before investing the money to purchase it. They can also give their idea of what type of jewellery they prefer on the virtual stage.

3D Printing Method:-

Customisation jewellery needs intense specifying and precision. Designers select 3D printing Technique as it helps them with easy designing and making solid orientation models.  With the application of 3D printing, the cost of the chosen piece also falls significantly. The procedure will be made present for a profitable use at a reasonable cost. 3D printing is also famous in other manufacturing where it carries down the industrial cost and keeps spending on valuable capitals.

Multi-purpose jewellery:-  

The multi-purpose jewellery has greater resource among consumers because of its adaptability of multifunctional jewellery agrees women to function on lesser budgets to detach, dismantle and refresh their jewellery pieces. Industrial this type of multifunctional jewellery with the help of technology is price saving. The jewellery pieces can be easily dismantled and converted to form a unique jewellery.


The original jewellery creation technique in India involved welding, sawing cutting and engraving. One of the fastest rising technologies is the use of laser method in jewellery creation as other to the present traditional methods of welding, cutting and engraving of metals. The laser allows jewellery makers to give many shapes and forms to metals. The wise investment of time and effort with the help of new technology on a specific jewellery piece has increased creativity and value. Today, The jewellery industry in India preserves its original works of art and making innovative and difficult jewellery styles.







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