Guide to buy gold, diamond jewelry

How to check if your gold jewelry is pure

Are you heading out to shop for jewelry for your first job or your best friend’s wedding gift? Whether you are buying casual or traditional pieces, buy what match your style best. Here are certain things to be remember of.

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Trends versus classics

While good old yellow metal bracelets have been maintaining a low profile in the jewelry world — gold, rose gold and platinum statement pieces, stackables or layered bracelets along with charm bracelets have gone up a mark in everyday jewelry game. The evergreen classic and the most loved – cocktail rings and stackable rings are gaining the fame.

colored gemstones have been ruling accessory scene for some time. If you are looking for something studded, top categories are sapphires, tourmaline, emeralds, diamonds, tanzanite, colored diamonds, cabochons, and ruby.

Authenticity and purity

Look for jewelry hallmarked by BIS. The BIS indicates that a piece’s purity is confirmed in one of its licensed laboratories. Check Karat which denotes the purity of material for gold or platinum. You must check every piece of jewelry.

Before buying diamonds and colored gemstone jewelry, check these: Carat weight range, diamond shape, clarity grade, cut quality, color grade, and fluorescence.

Ideal first buys

It is advised to begin with minimal jewelry which can be worn on a regular basis, as they are affordable and can be exchanged if you are unhappy. Geometric patterns and subtle designs are a total hit when it comes to jewelry that works for long run. From workwear to leisure, drop earrings are trendy right now. Other major hits are yellow bracelets, layered necklaces, and the flexible rings. You can also start with studs’ earrings. Studs are fitting for each event and can be worn with other jewelry as well.

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