Gold Stored in Indian Temples


Before starting let us clear you that this article represents only personal views and some research work.

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Do you that how much amount of gold is stored in Indian temples? It could be more than the total amount of properties of the richest peoples of the earth, it looks unbelievable but its possible this reality of Indian temples can shock the whole world the Indian temples have that much gold that can provide every Indian person free of cost ride of trains for 100 years There is more than 52 lakh crore rupees of Gold is stored in Indian Temples.

Hindus have a special affection for gold and simultaneously used to donate gold in temples to their loved Lords.

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You may see many companies audit reports but let’s see Indian temples audit reports its assumed that Indian temples have more than a 20 thousand ton of gold if we take a look only to the 4 big temples of India when it comes to knowing that they have a huge of gold and silver and still growing and India’s richest temple Tirumala Tirupati from Andhra Pradesh have total properties of  which is more than the richest person of India Mukesh Ambani only in four big temples regularly 5 lakh peoples donate more than 8 crore rs, and this by the Indian donation at the temples this much gold is enough to change the picture of India ,Indian temples contain more than double gold reserve than America.

In 2011, one temple in south India was found to have more than $22 billion in gold hidden away in locked rooms rumoured to be filled with snakes. Another has enough gold to rival the riches stashed at the Vatican, experts say. Many traditionalists, including the boards of many of the country’s leading temples, prefer to have their yellow metal locked up rather than circulating in the economy.



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