Fuel Pumps upgrade to display 100rs/ltr


As we all know that the fuel prices are rising with every passing day, even the price one of the necessary fuel petrol touches more than 90 rupees per litre. many peoples are thinking that the fuel prices may reach 100 but many are not with this concept because they think that that the petrol pump machines cannot display more than 99.99 per litre.

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but not all pumps have this problem Most pumps do not need to upgrade but some have old dispensers that can only display prices in two digits before the decimal point

this will become very difficult to maintain budget for a common man if the prices will reach 100 Rs per litre but Oil companies are upgrading their fuel dispensers to ensure they display correct prices when rates reach Rs 100 per litre.

The move comes amid a relentless rise in global crude oil prices although oil companies do not expect petrol rates to reach three-digit levels soon. but some of the petrol pump owners had raised doubts over the ability of the current dispensers to show three-digit prices.

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