Fuel prices slashed for tenth straight day


Fuel prices become cheaper for a tenth straight day, Today petrol became cheaper by around 30-36 paise in four major cities of the country while diesel prices came down by around 37-40 paise per litre.

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After today’s price cut, In Delhi, petrol was selling at Rs 72.53 as against Rs 72.87 yesterday while diesel was sold at Rs 67.35, 37 paise down Friday’s price of Rs 67.72.

In Mumbai, petrol was retailing at Rs 71.90 compared to Rs 72.18 yesterday while diesel in the city was selling at Rs 70.50 per litre.

In Chennai, petrol was selling at Rs 75.26 per litre while diesel was sold at Rs 71.12 per litre.

In Kolkata petrol was sold at Rs74.65 per litre and diesel was sold at Rs 69.08 per litre.

On October 4, the petrol rate had touched a record high of Rs 91.34 in Mumbai and Rs 84 per litre in Delhi. Diesel rates on that day had peaked to a record high of Rs 80.10 in Mumbai and Rs 75.45 a litre in Delhi.

International crude oil rates continued to drop on Saturday as well. Brent Crude futures were trading lower the $60 per barrel mark at $59.46 today.

According to information, November month has been the worst month for crude oil in ten years. Crude oil rates have come down by over 30 per cent since it touched its current peak in the month of October.


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