Fuel prices drop for the six  straight day


Prices of petrol and diesel were again reduced for the sixth straight day on Tuesday on reduced global crude oil rates. Providing more relief to consumers who have been loaded with higher fuel prices.

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In Mumbai, the price of petrol cut by 10 paise a litre to Rs 86.81 while diesel rated fell by 8 paise a litre to Rs 78.46,

In the national capital Delhi, Petrol is being sold at Rs 81.34 while diesel is being retailed at Rs 74.85 per litre.

After today’s price down, diesel in Delhi was priced at Rs 74.85 as against yesterday.

According to the Indian Oil Corporation(IOC), petrol rates are cut by 10 paise across major cities, but for Chennai where petrol prices have been down by 11 paise.

In Chennai, Petrol was selling at Rs 84.53 while diesel was being sold at Rs Rs 79.15 per litre.

In Kolkata, petrol is being sold at  Rs 83.19 per litre while diesel is being retailed at Rs 76.70 per litre.

The government also requested all state governments to cut taxes for consumers on petrol as well as diesel by similar Rs 2.50 per litre.

The excise duty cut by Rs 1.50 per litre on fuel while asked oil marketing companies to subsidise them by another Re 1 on fuel.




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