Fuel Prices Continue to Soar


Petrol and diesel prices continued to increase on Monday, the day the Congress had named for Bharat Bandh in objection against the same.

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In the national capital, petrol price touched Rs 80.73/litre; an increase of Rs 0.23/litre and diesel was sold at Rs 72.83/litre which is Rs 0.22/litre hike.

In Mumbai, the fuels saw a similar hike with petrol sold at Rs 88.12/litre, which is Rs 0.23/litre rise and diesel was sold atRs 77.32/litre which is an increase of Rs 0.23/litre).

Since May 2014, excise duty on petrol has gone up by 211.7% on diesel by 443.06%. Central excise duty was revised up 12 times.

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