Fuel prices continue to soar


Fuel prices witnessed another hike for the 3rd consecutive day in New Delhi and Mumbai on Saturday.

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Petrol is selling at Rs 80.38 per litre (up by 0.39 paise per litre) in the national capital and it is at Rs 87.77 per litre (up 0.38 paise per litre) in Mumbai.

On the other hand, diesel rates registered a rise of 0.44 paise per litre (sold at Rs 72.51 per litre) while 0.47 paise per litre (sold at Rs 76.98 per litre) in New Delhi and Mumbai respectively.

Opposition parties have declared a nationwide strike on September 10 to an objection against the record-high fuel rates, allegedly due to high taxes.

The Congress has required that the Centre reduced excise duty as was done by earlier governments which reduced rates each time there was a surge in the international oil prices.


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