Continuous rise in price of petrol


The prices of petrol are touching too high, this rise in the rates of petrol is in the continuous rise from previous 11 days let us tell you the increasing prices of petrol.

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On May 18 the prices for the petrol was 75.61 whereas the prices for diesel was 67.08 where the public thinks that the price decrement  the prices on May 21 for the petrol was 76.57 and diesel was 67.82 and this continues on May22 the price of petrol was 76.87 and diesel was 68.08 and on may 24 the rise continues the prices of petrol was at 77.47 and diesel at 68.53 the continuous rise in the prices making the public angry some peoples are demanding to take petrol and diesel under GST, government finds the formula for controling the rates of petrol the indication are comeing that government can aplly SES on oil companies if the price of crude oil goes above 70 dollars per barrel.

Whatever is the plan of government at this time public is facing a huge problem because of the rise in the price of petrol. This creates imbalance over the budget of common peoples.

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