Classic Jewelry Trends That Never Lose Their Popularity


Blame it on our love of shiny metals, beautifully colored crystals, and architectural shapes, but we are always game to try out a strong jewellery trend. Whether we spot them on runways of fashion week or on our favorite Instagram stars, these bold styles inspire us to engrave our looks and push envelope a bit. However, when it comes to jewellery that we never take off and wear as though it is 2nd skin, what we choose often has little to do with what’s of the moment and more with what styles will speak to us endlessly. According to those in know, there are specific designs that never lose their shine.

Live MCX

Below are the 3 jewellery trends that they say stand test of time. Feel free to stay experimental, but we are thinking pieces ahead are purchases to make for sake of long haul.

Tennis Bracelets

Statement Rings

Diamond Studs

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