Chennai will soon get the benefits of natural gas


Chennai is going to get something special in the next few years under the Centre’s city gas distribution (CGD) project. as the price of liquid fuel is touching the high prices in the market it is getting very difficult for a common man to maintain his budget but know this project will give some relief to the common man of Chennai.

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Under the Centre’s city, gas distribution (CGD) project peoples of Chennai will get more than 44 lakh piped natural gas connections and 333 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) pump stations over the next few years, recently under the project the ninth round of bids was finalized by The Petroleum & Natural Gas Regulatory Board, pipeline for uninterrupted supply of natural gas with other related facilities in Chennai will set up by  AG&P LNG Marketing Pvt Ltd and Torrent Gas Private Limited. the main aim of this project is to make Indian cities green by using Natural Gas. some more private companies won the tender of setting up CNG pumps and PNG connections. after this project, the peoples will be able to benefits of natural gas and will also get the benefits of CNG as a vehicle fuel this will improve the budget of ordinary peoples.

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