Can petrol hit to Rs 100/ltr on this Diwali?


Our country is going through many big changes, some are good and some are bad. some are temporary and some are permanent.

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in between these changes, one change that is affecting the common peoples most is the change in fuel price.

Rise in fuel price is have become the biggest problem for the common man. prices for 1-litre petrol have already hit the mark of 90 Rs and seem it will increase more. Petrol prices in the state seem to be rallying towards the Rs 100-mark, with oil industry experts speculating that a “century” can be hit well before Diwali in Mumbai.

now the question arises that how the prices of fuel can control. answer is simple, in current situation prices of petrol can drop only if it is brought under the ambit of GST. the festival of lights Diwali is near and if price of petrol will reach 100 rs then it will spoil the enjoyment of one of the biggest festival of India.

rise in petrol price is not just only for your vehicle it affects many more things like increase in transportation charges. cab operators working with travel agencies have upped their daily rental charges. if the petrol will reach 100 then this will be not a good thing for a common man, everyone in the hope that the prices for petrol will fall, what do you think that the petrol can reach to record hike of 100?

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