Can India produce 100 tonnes of gold?


As we all know that the demand for the yellow metal in India is growing with every passing day and the prices of this metal are growing too. India produce a low amount of gold which is totally insufficient to satisfy the hunger of India’s demand towards gold so to satisfy Some demand Can India produce 100 tonnes of gold per year?

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India’s current gold production is about 1.5 tonnes something per year. what if someone says that India can produce 100 tonnes of gold just in a year! maybe you would not believe this but a market expert said this according to him India has the capacity to produce 100 tonnes of gold per year.

It will not satisfy the whole hunger but give better relief because India consumes more than 900 tonnes of gold. Addressing Assocham’s 11th International Gold Summit here, the Managing Director of Galaxy Gold Mines of Australia, Nick Spencer, said that such an increase in domestic production from the current level of just over 1 tonne per annum would go some way towards satisfying India’s hunger for the yellow metal. he also said that India can increase the production level by 100-200 tonnes of gold which could come out of around 20 mines. to do mining at these level India also need a big investment and it will also provide employment to the huge amount of peoples.

India’s current production levels are very low and it produced less than 2 tonnes in 2016 According to the World Gold Council. so what do you think that Can India really produce 100 tonnes of gold in a year or its just an information based on a study of the number of times something happens or is present, or other facts relating to numbers.

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