Diwali is here, everyone is planning to buy something new. some people are planning to buy a car some are planning to buy a home but the most common this that almost everyone plans to buy on the special auspicious occasion of Diwali is the precious yellow metal Gold.

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But don’t buy any jewellery in hurry we have some points for you to need to notice before you buy gold. gold is one of the expensive metal in the world so buying gold is not an easy task every time so there is some point that you must notice before buying gold or gold jewellery at this Diwali.

Gold purity

Gold of different purity levels is available in the marketplace and it has an effect on the price of the yellow metal. the purest form of gold is 24k which is known as 100% gold, 22k gold is 91.6% gold, 18k gold is 75% gold. Study the type of yellow metal you want and the changed rates based on purity levels.

Genuine certification

Gold jewellery which does not have the certification by BIS may not be the real deal. BIS stands for Bureau of Indian Standard. so whenever you purchase the gold item never forget to ask for the BIS hallmark on that jewellery that mark will give you the guaranty of purity.

Cost per gram

Before you buy any gold item you need to check the gold price per gram for being sure that you are paying the right amount. Remember that prices of gold can vary at different shops. This is as they arrive from different associations of gold jewellers. but these prices are normally the same at big stores. you can check the price of gold per gram by yourself by using the internet.


Make sure that you take a bill from the seller, a bill with full details. so if any case you feel cheated then you can approach the right authorities to file a case for claim agist the seller.

So these are 4 basic points that every buyer should notice before buying any gold item so he/she can have great shopping.

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