Bitcoin Vs Gold

Bitcoin Vs Gold

If we see the difference between gold and #bitcoin the most common difference is gold can be touch and see but the bitcoin is #digital so it can’t be touched but it’s not only the difference it’s still too deeper to understand, With the two commodities now in roughly the same price range, it’s worth putting aside some of bitcoin’s short-term volatility and liquidity concerns to compare them as long-term stores of value side by side difference.

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The rise steeply popularity of Bitcoin and other #cryptocurrencies has presented a whole new asset class for return-hungry investors. Bitcoin, the difference to gold’s year-to-date gain of almost 10%, has soared more than 400%. Not amazingly, that huge gain has involved a lot of investor attention.

Cryptocurrencies are in part another to gold since they too are speculative in nature, doesn’t have any government control, are globally suitable and to provide a new safe haven, while a volatile one.

To understand it clearly we first have to understand the difference between the both. Gold is physical but bitcoin is digital, second is that bitcoin comes into existence in 2009 but the gold our yellow asset is thousand years old, gold is rare but bitcoin is rarer and 80 per cent of them are already created and the most important thing is that gold has a solid global network of exchange where in this case bitcoin has some demerits and hacks in past, gold has an industrial use so it can trust more but bitcoin just have a digital identity, gold has a clear tax laws and regulation whereas bitcoins are still gery .

So after understanding the difference we find that the gold and bitcoin is that both can co-exist and bitcoin is for the investors who have extra money to invest and gold is a historical asset so and the investments are done from ur profile according to your risk taking capacity so a person can invest in both according to his risk taking capacity.

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