After 2 days fuel prices rise in metros


Across metros, Today the prices of petrol in the national capital are Rs. 76.43 per litre.

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If you are living in Kolkata you have to pay Rs 79.33 per litre and in India’s financial capital the price of petrol is Rs. 83.87 per litre and for Chennai it is Rs. 79.39 per litre.

Now let’s have a look on the prices of diesel too if you are from Dehli or in Dehli then you to pay rs Rs. 67.93 per litre in Kolkata at Rs. 70.69 per litre for diesel in Mumbai you have to pay rs Rs. 72.12 per litre.

In Chennai at Rs. 71.74 per litre according to data from Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) Among the top metro cities.

Petrol, diesel prices were the cheapest in national capital Delhi and the costliest in the financial capital Mumbai.

The above-mentioned fuel rates are applicable from 6 am on Thursday.

Petrol prices were higher by 12 paise in Delhi, 13 paise in Kolkata and Chennai and 11 paise in Mumbai.

Diesel rates were higher by 11 paise in Delhi and Kolkata and 12 paise in Mumbai and Chennai.

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