7 beautiful pieces of jewellery for Indian brides


India is one of the major consumers of gold, the main reason behind this is Indian weddings, in the weddings in India, the girl is decorated with jewellery and due to this jewellery the bride gets a different look, so in today’s article we will tell you about 7 beautiful pieces of jewellery for Indian brides.

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Maang Tikka is an Indian traditional accessory and worn by Indian women for the first time on her wedding day. The maang tikka is placed on the bride’s hairline with a drop pendent that sits on her forehead. This accessory brings elegance to every bridal look. The maang tikka can be chosen in a size to suit your face. Maang tikkas come in many forms and designs, you can choose one by keeping in mind the nature of your forehead.


Necklace is also known as haar, that no bride should go without. Necklaces is available in many designs. So, you can choose many types of necklaces according to your taste in jewellery. Nowadays, Indian brides prefer wearing necklaces made only in gold, but with colorful and sparkly touch of kundan and diamond.


A pair of earrings are like the best friends of a bridal necklace and both seem to complement each other with your wedding outfit. In fact, one without the other makes the look missing something important. You get a wide range of choices for choosing earrings and can choose a heavy or a lighter one according to your wedding attire.


Bridal bangles are an important part of every Indian bridal ensemble. A wide variety of designs are available in bangles and one can get made in only gold or a gold bangle with diamond studs on it. Indian bride wears golden bangles though in some traditions colorful glass bangles are also a must to wear during the marriage day.


Nath is the most beautiful piece of Indian jewelry. No bridal look is complete without nose ring. Nath is the most fabulous facial highlight of the traditional bride. If you have selected heavy wedding outfit and jewellery, an ethnic nath would be the perfect addition to complete your bridal look. An integral part of an Indian bride’s solah shringar, a nath (a nose ring attached with a chain) completes a bridal look.


An anklet or payal and toe rings (bichiyas) are considered to be important components of Indian bridal jewelry in different cultures of India. Anklets are worn by Indian brides for reasons more than one. Anklets, paired with toe rings would do magic to your feet.

WAISTBAND (Kamarband):

The Waistbands (Kamarband or Indian belly chain) is such a unique wedding jewellery that completes the look of the bride. They can be covered or thin, studded or beaded, and can be of varying lengths and designs. There is no wedding jewellery more enchanting than a stunning waistband as it goes well with sarees and lehengas. Above are the most essential pieces of jewellery that Indian brides traditionally wear on their marriage day.

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