Many people in the world have dream of buying an car of their choice. Many corporations are making these cars to fulfill the demand but if these cars are made with gold or diamonds then it becomes even more expensive and in today’s article we will know about 5 cars made with gold or diamonds.

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Diamond-studded Mercedes SL600

This is one of the most expensive car in the world. This is most expensive Mercedes is diamond-studded, mink-furnished Mercedes SL600. It is worth $4.8 million, and it is a property of the Saudi prince and it was revealed at a Dubai auto show to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Mercedes-Benz SL550 in 2007.

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This car is the property of Saudi Prince (Amir) al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdul-Aziz, He is one of the top 10 richest people in the world according to Forbes. Prince Waleed has 50 cars in his collection and this Mercedes car is the most expensive.

Ferrari 458 spider wrapped with gold vinyl

This is one of the most expensive Ferrari in the world. This car 458 spider wrapped with gold vinyl. Riyadh al-azzawi is the owner of that car.

This Ferrari car worth £200,000.  Ferrari 458 spider gold coated for the sensible price mark of £4,000. The car has attracted the lots of attraction and its the popular supercar which is widely regarded as one of the greatest cars built.

Rolls Royce Phantom wrapped with solid gold

The great luxurious Phantom from Rolls-Royce is belonges to a Dubai royal family. The Phantom is wrapped in the sheet of solid gold and it costs Rs. 36 crore.

The Rolls Royce is already a royal look car and that expensive gold sheet made it even more royal. if you are a one who loves royal things then this car is perfect.

Gold Godzilla Nissan GT-R

The “Gold Godzilla” Nissan GT-R is a golden painted, hand carved with a price tag of Aproxximate NZ$1.46 million.

First exposed at the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon in the month of January, the car was manufactured by Kuhl Japan who transported the vehicle to the first International Motor Show Abu Dhabi at the weekend.

The “Gold Godzilla” is a 2016 Ver R35 GT-R. this car has a fibreglass body kit which has been intricately hand engraved by the company’s art craftsman. the car has the chrome finish before being painted gold.

Gold plated Tata Nano

We all know that India loves gold, and this country is the world’s largest consumer of the yellow metal. for making the 5,000th anniversary of gold jewellery making industry in India memorable, the Tata group showed the gold-plated Nano. The low-priced car of India, Nano car with gold jewellery is worth Rs. 22 crore.

Tata Nano GoldPlus, unveiled in Mumbai. 30 craftsmen spent many hours ladling the Nano in the shiny material. a gem-encrusted peacock on the bonnet, Gold-quilted front valance, 80 kilograms of gold and a barrel load of gems etc are used to make this car.

– So these were 5 cars that gold or diamonds were used to make, apart from this, there is another similar car that we will tell in future articles.

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