We all know about India’s attraction for gold. But do you know about the attraction of Bollywood toward gold? In today’s Article, we will talk about 5 movies of Bollywood which have shown the use of gold in Bollywood. We will discuss 5 such Bollywood films in our video, where the real gold is used.

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Queeta Rawat, design manager from Tanishq Jewellers are accountable for the stunning formations. more than 200 craftsmen worked for approximately 600 days with 400kg gold to create Deepika’s jewellery for Padmaavat. The jewellery, which was finished out of 400 kilos of molten gold, is believed to be worth about Rs 11,79,00,000.

Bajirao mastani:

A lot of research work has gone into designing jewellery for the movie. Jewellers have used old dyes and old techniques from our archives and even used 200 years old actual antiques for the movie. The nath has real rubies and pearls, set on 24 carat gold

The jewellery worn by the lead casts of movie cost more than $500,000. Most pieces were made with 24 kt gold by a Delhi based jeweller. The old jewellery creation and design practices from the historic Mughal era were used to create these jewellery pieces. Expensive and real jewellery was used in the movie.

Traditional Marathi-style jewellery was used to style the role of Kashibai, while for the role Mastani Nizami and Polki Jewellery was used in this film. Several Indian jewellery designers, were hired. the director spent a huge amount of Rs 45 Lakhs for custom-made jewellery for Mastani’s character.


Not just 50 or 500, but about 1500 pieces of these jewellery was ordered to a leading metal and silver jewellery makers from pink city Jaipur. They are made from other metals which also include silver but are polished with gold to look the part and look like gold jewellery. The collection includes of 1000 pieces out of 1500 pieces of Gold Plated, Kundan, Multi-Colour Precious stones, Silver, Pearls used in the film. Nearly 150 kgs weight of Jewellery was worn by the whole cast in the film. There are jewellery pieces as minor as nose pin that costs Rs 600/- and as costly as necklace 58,000 Rs.

Jodha akbar:

During the whole movie ashiwarya  be dressed in close to 200 kilos of gold. The jewellers researched on old paintings and visited museums and even some private collections of erstwhile royal families. The jewellers kept in mind the distinctive style of the Rajputs and the Mughals while making the ornaments. The wedding set of jewellery, which Aishwarya wears in the film. It weighs around three-and-a-half kg.

200 craftsmen took 600 days to design and mould all pieces using 400 k.g. of gold, precious, semi-precious stones and pearls to bring out the authentic look of Mughal and Rajput style of jewellery of 16th Century.

prem ratan dhan payo:

The Salman and Sonam starrer royal movie Prem Ratan Dhan Payo has been filmed in Rajasthan. Thereby, this movie revolves around a regal family. Rajasthani jewellery is cast-off in the so as to give exceptionally Rajasthani appeal.

The cuts, gems and hues are all in ideal sync with the diva’s charm in the movie, Princess Maithili, and her royal taste. From jadau to borlas, Sonam is wearing beautiful of jewellery pieces in the film.

So these are those Bollywood films that showed the use of real gold in Bollywood and showed the India’s attraction for gold.



















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