3 ways to care for jewelry this rainy season


The rain may bring joy, but it surely is not a good sign for jewelry.

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Experts have suggested some self-care tips to help guard your ornaments in this rainy weather:

• Gold made jewelry is prone to catching dust and dirt quickly when it kept in the humid environment. Hence, during the monsoon season one must use warm soapy water to clean the gold ornaments.

• Over-exposure to the air and humidity can damage your silver. It’s sensible to store silver jewelry in individual, air-tight bags with the anti-tarnish properties paper. These types of bags minimize air exposure and keep the jewelry new for a long period of time.

• Keep the jewelry away from water as much as possible, since the pollutants in water can result in tarnished and dull looking the silver. If your jewelry gets wet, take a soft cloth, dab water out and blow dry the jewelry before storing it.

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