3 Tips ? To Store Your Silver Jewellery


Can’t think of stepping out of home without wearing one of your favorite pieces of jewelry? For some of us, dressing up is never complete without put on a fashionable necklace, bracelet, a pair of earrings, or other accessory styles. After all it is such a suitable way to add instant glam to any kind of appearance. But then again, all that energies won’t last forever if you don’t take care of your jewelry. Are you into silver jewelry of lately? If answer is yes, then you need to be double as more careful when it comes to storing silver jewelry and keeping the shine on.

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1. Clean your jewellery before storing: Sweat tends to play spoilsport because it carries in moisture and could cause ruining. Therefore, it is very significant that before storing, you wipe off all sweat from jewelry pieces and store them in covered boxes.

2. Airtight boxes: Store your silver jewelry in airtight box or anti-tarnishing wooden box to reserve it for the longer time. Never store them in uncoated wooden boxes because that will absolutely cause it to lose color or shine.

3. Use anti-tarnish paper or cloth: A great way to store your silver jewelry is to wrap pieces with a soft cloth (like muslin) to hold shine and prevent discoloring. You could also use anti-tarnish paper or the tissue papers to wrap each piece of the jewelry. Never wrap them in the newspaper.

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