3 Popular Engagement Ring Shapes


Diamonds are forever, but when it comes to the engagement ring trends, your range may vary. That’s why we recently reached to some diamond experts to help us rank 3 popular engagement ring shapes from the most timeless to the least.

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A round shape diamond is most classic of all. “Sparkle is the wow factor this shape diamond over 45 per cent of buyers seek, the round shape diamond offers the most sparkle in comparison to any other diamond shape.


The princess cut diamond is one of the brilliant-cut shapes, boasting a pattern of 49 facets. “This diamond offers a more modern square shape, which distinguishes it from cushion diamond’s rounded corners. There has been a mild increase in interest in this shape as compared to last year,”.


The oval shape is a difference of iconic, most timeless round-cut diamond. “We have seen a slight increase in oval shape when comparing it to round over last 2 years,” Marion says. “Choose oval diamond if you like classic lines of round diamond but are seeking something a little more exclusive.”

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