3 New Bridal Jewelry Trends


When it comes to the weddings, we so often think about bride’s dress, her shoes, and specially her engagement ring, but there are lot additional that goes into her full appearance than the bread and butter sartorial decorations. For example, all the fine jewellery that goes along with the above-mentioned essentials. In this short list we have bring you a 3 new bridal jewellery trends that you need to know about.

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Trend: Navette Rings

Navette rings! Whether they’re new or vintage, I think we’ll see more brides-to-be opting for a beautiful Navette style as their shiny engagement ring. They’re timeless and idealistic but a bit alternative all at once. For a girl who really wants to go against the normal, go for emerald versions of this amazing ring style.

Trend: Pearls

I think because pearls emerge from the sea flawlessly formed, no polishing, no cutting, just as they are, there is a certain romanticism nearby them.  The Pearl engagement rings are on the rise this year—I think as they are under the radar, unassuming but still extremely classic. With all the discussion natural diamonds V/S regarding synthetic, some people are choosing out of the discussion completely now.

Trend: Open Rings

Our signature open rings are actually what catapulted us into the bridal category and continue to be our most popular style for brides-to-be. Couples come to jewellers to create something totally new, or they have an heirloom stone they want to breathe new life into. We love how the silhouette allows us (and the client) to work with endless mixtures of stone angles, colors, cuts, shapes, and sizes—each time making something truly modified. open rings embody the casual extravagance philosophy.

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