3 most expensive jewellery items


Gold and jewelry items have been a way for rich to show off their class. But some have gone to remarkable lengths to craft jewellery that stands out from the others. In fact, there have been some wonderful pieces of jewellery created!

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Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond

Imagine paying 80 million dollars for a single diamond! The Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond started as 35.56-ct diamond of a beautiful deep blue, one that was part of both Bavarian and the famous Austrian Royal Jewels.

In 2008, a British jeweller bought diamond at $23.4 million and detached close to 4.5 ct, an act that infuriated other jewelers but ended up refining the value and clarity. It was sold to Qatari Royal Family in the year 2011 for a staggering $80 million.

Pink Star Diamond Ring

The Pink Star Diamond presently holds record for the most expensive ring ever sold at auction in the history— making it one of world’s most expensive jewellery pieces.

This oval diamond is a wonderful pink stone weighing almost 60 ct. It was cut from a 132.5 ct stone from South Africa, and it’s believed to surpass anything in both royal and private gatherings.

Hope Diamond

The Hope Diamond is supposed to be treasured in hundreds of millions of dollars range, but it has not been bought or sold in 100 of years.

It was originally in collection of Louis XIV, but was in the end donated by Harry Winston to Smithsonian Institute back in year 1958. The Smithsonian has held diamond on display ever since.

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