3 Jewellery Trends You Must try This Summer


The fun and warm summer is knocking at the doors, and so are the new jewellery trends. For 2019, subtlety is not a choice, when it comes to the jewellery trends, and you should not be afraid to grip them. So, when you are getting ready for a night out or a casual stroll around the town, let’s see what you can wear for this summer.

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Chunky Bracelets

Chunky bracelets are hallmark of a boho-chic look, and they are flawless for summer. This particularly goes if you do not like stacking jewellery, and they directly draw attention to you as you do any motion with your hands. You can look for the chunky bracelets made of dense pieces of plastic or ones covered in small beautiful stones and they are all bound to look beautiful and they will highlight your delicate wrists.

Statement Rings

A nice big statement ring can make your hand look smaller, subtle and depict a confident woman who’s a bit cheeky and imaginative. However, a few of the statement rings can increase this effect and bring the same wealth of stacked jewellery or bracelets. So, if you want to highlight a whimsical side of yours, find a lot of interesting statement rings and stack them. If you like movies, you can even mimic the famous Thanos’ gauntlet with those amazing rings and make a homage to Avengers franchise.

Single Earring

Wearing a single earring had become a trend and it can be normally seen in fashion. This trend came along unequal earrings and it really inspires you to stand out from crowd, without much effort. When it comes to this, you can go with a the simple style, but a single earring trend leaves a lot of room for being daring and extravagant.

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