3 expensive computer mouses


A computer mouse is very important hand-held pointing device that notices two-dimensional signal relative to a surface. This signal is typically translated into the motion of a pointer on a computer display, which allows a control of the graphical user interface. But in todays article we have bring you a short list 3 most expensive mouse in the world,

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The Gold Bullion Wireless Mouse

The Gold Bullion Wireless mouse is stunning to look at, but it’s a whole waste of money. This expensive mouse takes on the shape of a gold brick, rather than a device that should be attached to a computer.The Gold Bullion is addressed as the most expensive mouse in the world, with an expensive ticket price of$36,835 USD. It is compatible with both Mac and PC computers.

Gold Metal Sun Mouse (MJ777 Edition)

It looks like the Ukraine Art Studio MJ is popular in our topmost list. The Gold Metal Sun mouse is from the 777 ninth edition and it is fully efficient. As the name says, the product is shaped like a circular disc, and of course, has a body of pure precious gold. This shining mouse can be yours, if you’re willing to pay nearly $20.000.

MJ Blue Sapphire sapphires mouse

MJ Blue Sapphire is ornamented completely in blue sapphires and is covered in a gold frame. MJ Blue Sapphire is also produced in limited quantities. In addition, each plush mouse will be packed in a box made ​​of expensive black gold.

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