3 Ear Piercing Ideas for girls


If you’ve scrolled through Instagram in last, 3 months, you’re well aware that the ear piercings are having a moment. Like, it seems everyone together agreed that those basic piercings you got at mall in 7th grade are now a thing of past, and they’ve now been replaced with curated ear: ultra-cool, edgy piercings that are personalized to your individual vibes. In today article we will know about three Ear Piercing Ideas for girls.

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This Stacked Ear Piercing

This stacked penetrating idea. Have your piercer finish off a row of 4 earlobe piercings with 2 gemstone stud earrings on your helix

This Parallel Ear Piercing

This subdued ear piercing is a great way to inch into trend without full-on committing. Simple studs look great on their own, but they’ll also look the pretty with any piercings you choose to add later on.

This Double Lobe Piercing

Not sure you want to go full-throttle with your curated ear? opt for a standard—but equally as inspo-worthy—look with 2 hoop piercings on your lobe.

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